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High Beam Leadership

In these times of high-velocity change, leaders have to see into the future to avoid miscalculations. Just like high speed drivers, today’s leaders must use a “high beam” strategy to maximize their performance. This strategy allows leaders to see the road ahead accurately and make sound decisions regarding their organization’s future.


What is High Beam Leadership

The leaders that see the future most clearly are the one’s who have the most success. These are the leaders that forecast, innovate, and guide their organizations into a prosperous future. These are the men and women who are remembered. They are people with vision, who saw a trend, had confidence in their beliefs, and seized an opportunity. These are high beam leaders and everyone has the ability to become one. High beam leadership requires developing a high beam strategy, one that builds on the ability to spot trends and react to them. It requires being able to take advantage of a trend, or defend against its negative impact, which is what we call trend leveraging. You can become a high beam leader, although it takes effort. The process involves staying current on three types of trends – organizational, industry, and macro – trendspotting along with the other leaders in your organization, tying these trends to your organizational strategy, taking a broad look into the future, and developing a robust investment portfolio in three different areas – People, Products (or services), and Processes.

Why is it Important?

Business leaders run off the road every day because they do not turn on their high beam headlights. They can’t spot upcoming trends and react to them quickly enough. The business leaders who adopt a high beam strategy are the ones who are able to see the furthest into the future, anticipate what’s ahead, and push their organizations at high speeds. In today’s high velocity environment, low-beam leadership just won’t cut it. Every organization needs high beam leadership to survive and beat the competition.

First Steps in Becoming a High Beam Leader:

  • Identifying Trends – Forecast trends in your industry that will be impactful
  • Create a View of the Future – Build an illustration of what the future will look like in your industry
  • Understand the concept of rivers of information and work to form a river
  • Creating a Plan of Action – Create a blueprint on how to guide your organization into this future and seize opportunities for growth
  • Communicate this vision with employees/staff/co-workers: Share this vision with those around you to to inspire and motivate the whole organization

How We Help

Becoming a high beam leader will require changing the way you view the world and your industry. This is not an easy shift. Future Point of View can offer you tools and techniques for futurecasting in your organization and in your industry. We have created a process guide for creating a high beam strategy for any organization. Contact us if you are interested in a version of our High Beam Strategy Guide.