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Continuing education is the key to effective leadership in a changing environment.

Here’s a comprehensive 2018 Education Brochure to share with your team.
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Public Courses

We have a range of public courses available throughout the year. These courses are hosted at FPOV’s main office outside of Oklahoma City and many are also streamed digitally. Public courses offer the opportunity for leaders to interact with FPOV specialists and consultants while learning in a collaborative environment with executives from other organizations and industries. A list of our public courses is available below.


Private Courses

Private education is for executives who want to educate a larger portion of their team on a specific topic in their comfort of their own offices. An FPOV consultant will travel to the organization to teach a larger group on the selected topic. Our private courses are tailored to meet the challenges an organization faces both internally and within its specific industry. This environment can help team members begin conversations around the topic that can lead to larger change.


eLearning Courses

eLearning allows a large team or even an entire organization to get up to speed on a topic at any pace and with the ease of an online tool. These courses are taught by an FPOV consultant and feature similar content to what is available in our public courses. They allow viewers to take the course over several days and team members can take from anywhere they would like.


Public Course Schedule

Data-Driven Leadership & Strategy
How to Glean Wisdom from Data and Use It to Win in Your Market
June 20-21, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK + Remote Access

The concept of DIKW (Data – Information – Knowledge – Wisdom) is a powerful foundation for understanding how to leverage data as an asset. A core skill for managers and leaders is the ability to have visibility into the truth of any aspect of an organization. Being able to clearly see the truth allows your team members to make fact based decisions instead of relying on instinct and experience. Spending large amounts of money on business intelligence technology will not make you an expert in DIKW. Attendees of this course will learn how to mature a comprehensive data intelligence strategy and how to fully use data as a weapon in the market. Learn More>>

Marriage of Business & IT
Best Practices for Sharing Digital Responsibility Across the Organization
July 18, 2018
Remote Access Only

Applications are designed to improve the management of business processes, relationships, and data. Business owners are responsible for defining how the application is used and making sure the application is being used properly by their workforce. IT is responsible for designing, configuring or building, testing, securing, and monitoring the health of the application. Many organizations have forgotten their digital responsibilities and how the business and IT should communicate and work together in an increasingly complex digital world. In this course, we’ll teach and review the basic concepts and agile best practices which enable a healthy marriage between the business and IT. Learn More>>

Collaboration & Knowledge Management
Also called “How to Make SharePoint and Similar Tools NOT Suck”
July 19, 2018
Remote Access Only

Why do collaboration efforts around platforms such as SharePoint, Office 365, Jive, Chatter and Slack fail to live up to expectations? Why do we continue to collaborate primarily in email? In this course, we explain the primary obstacles to enterprise wide buy-in for collaboration, and how to overcome these obstacles by building simple business cases that resonate with executive stakeholders. In short, smarter enterprises win through faster decision making and sharing of information throughout the enterprise. Learn More>>

In a Knowledge Economy, Here’s how Smart Teams Win
August 23, 2018
Remote Access Only

In a knowledge economy, the smartest teams win. Somewhere along the line, many people skip the step it takes to build their unique system for finding valuable information sources and filtering this information into their brains. This is about making the most of the time you have to improve. All it takes is 30 to 45 minutes every day. Consider the difference that 30 minutes of active learning each day could make in your knowledge. That is 210 minutes of information gathering a week, 840 minutes in a month, and 10,920 minutes in a year. That amounts to 182 hours of active learning that you’ve added into your year. How much can you learn in 182 hours? If that information is targeted, you can become knowledgeable about any topic you choose. Multiply that amount by the size of your staff – that equates to a mountain of information that your organization can be pulling in at all times. If you aren’t currently doing this (or your employees aren’t), what else are you doing with that time?. Learn More>>

Technology Governance
Balancing Chaos & Bureaucracy to Drive Repeatable Success
September 19-20, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK + Remote Access

Technology is a cornerstone of every business yet the gap between the business & IT remains troublesome. A 2014 survey by CIO Magazine found that only 25% of CIOs report they see their IT group as a true business peer. Nearly half reported their IT group is viewed by colleagues as a cost center or service provider. Meaning, we still see an enormous rift in board rooms between c-suite executives and IT departments. Organizations continue to struggle to bridge this divide. It’s not up to the IT department to build this bridge, it’s up to the leaders. It’s up to you. Learn More>>

Vendor Relationship & Contracting Process
Training and Education for our Subscription Service
October 4, 2018
Remote Access Only

You need your technology vendor’s tools and services to build the digital foundation that runs your business. Vendors need your business. In order to close a deal, they often make promises they may not be able to deliver. This can develop into a spirit of distrust, or worse. Your organization will invest a great deal in these projects and software and will be dependent on their success. It is important to ensure that they start well, run well and end well, within a timeline that aligns with your needs and at a cost that fits within your budget. Learn More>>

Digital Constituent Experience (CX) Series
Featuring Relationship Journey Mapping + Digital Marketing
October 16-18, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK + Remote Access

Shifting from a company-centric to a customer-centric mindset is a challenge, but organizations that choose to ignore the need to transform their approach are not only leaving revenue on the table but risking their future viability. Our CX Series is designed as three separate courses that are best when attended as a series. In the context of this course the “C” in CX could include members, brokers or any other variant you might encounter in your space. Customer experience is one of the critical components in revenue re-engineering brought on by digital transformation and understanding the journey and expectations of your constituents is the foundation of building an excellent experience. New digital media and marketing tools emerge daily to help organizations build stronger relationships with customers and then influence them to take action. Many organizations struggle with how to architect their systems of engagement and systems of record to provide a true omnichannel experience. The ability to build better relationships and get people to take action through digital techniques is a powerful differentiator in the market. Learn More>>

Annual Think Tank
Invitation Only Annual Event with Evolving Themes Focused on the Future
November 5-6, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK

This Think Tank is an exclusive event FPOV hosts that generates new thoughts around the changing environment of tech strategy during economic swings, how to extrapolate trends for profit amplification, and concepts for the distant future, to name a few. We follow a FPOV facilitated model of idea harvesting, future gazing, high beaming, spoon bending time, and historical review. This is a highly intellectual set of discussions created for people who are interested in gaining a better worldview about the role technology is and will be playing in the world. Learn More>>

High Beam Leadership
Invest in the Future by Developing a High Beam Approach to Leadership
November 7, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK

Leaders who see the future most accurately are the ones who will be most successful because they will be able to make the proper investments in that future. We call these “high beam leaders,” and everyone has the ability to become one. This course teaches the FPOV High Beam Process. This is a five-step system that is done once a year in order to create a consistent future view for an organization. This view is turned into action steps and investments that assure an organization can reach its goals for years to come. In addition, we discuss some of the more powerful future trends organizations will face over the next three to five years. Learn More>>

Raising Digital IQ
Growing Digitally Mature Teams
January 2019
Oklahoma City, OK + Remote Access

As the technology footprint of organizations grows and your workforce changes, there is an expectation that fewer people will do more work. We expect teams to leverage technology to a high degree of excellence. Consequently, many workforces don’t have the specific technology skills they need, and most traditional HR or management models don’t have a solution for this challenge. Look beyond today, it’s safe to say that nearly all of your talent needs to be excellent at their core duties, while augmenting their skills with a technology emphasis. With that in mind, this course will address this challenge step by step. Learn More>>

Vendor Relationship & Contracting Process
Training and Education for our Subscription Service
February 2019
Remote Access Only

You need your technology vendor’s tools and services to build the digital foundation that runs your business. Vendors need your business. In order to close a deal, they often make promises they may not be able to deliver. This can develop into a spirit of distrust, or worse. Your organization will invest a great deal in these projects and software and will be dependent on their success. It is important to ensure that they start well, run well and end well, within a timeline that aligns with your needs and at a cost that fits within your budget. Learn More>>

Digital Transformation Design
Foundations for Success in Digital Transformation
February 2019
Oklahoma City, OK + Remote Access

Year after year at Future Point of View, we observe that organizations who continue to thrive in the Digital Transformation are consistently doing three distinct foundational steps well and they continue to improve their abilities over time. Conversely, organizations that don’t have the critical elements of relationships, processes, and systems documented in a sharable and up-to-date visual format struggle to execute in areas where they want to improve, much less, attempt something revolutionary. This introductory course will outline how mapping relationships, mapping processes and mapping systems work together to help you plot a roadmap towards prosperity. Whether you are actively doing these things today or merely considering the idea, this course will help you see how all sides of the business benefit from these technology concepts and how you as a leader can leverage these pillars to support a successful digital strategy. Learn More>>

Machine Intelligence
How Intelligent Software & Robotics will Drive an Explosion in Automation
March 2019
Remote Access Only

This course provides a fast-paced explanation of the current state of the machine intelligence eco-system. This includes technologies such as AI, Deep Learning, Robotics, Natural Language Processing and decisions support systems. We will provide a framework so that course participants can gain a clear understanding as to how all of the machine intelligence pieces fit together and work synergistically. Curriculum will include case studies and examples as to how these systems can be used to drive productivity, scalability and profitability.  Participants will complete exercises which help you plan for applying these technologies in your organizations. The course will also provide a vision of the near future so that participants have a clear understanding of the vast impact machine intelligence will have on the economy and society. Learn More>>

Profit Amplification Course
Systematically Reduce Costs and Grow Revenue with this Technology Investment Strategy Approach
April 2019
Oklahoma City, OK + Remote Access

The ultimate goal of a for-profit business is to generate consistent profits at a level that supports long-term growth. Amplifying profit is accomplished by increasing revenue while lowering costs at the same time. Technology offers the opportunity to address both sides of the equation when it is used to expand revenue generation capacity while creating lean, efficient operations. This comprehensive course focuses on helping leaders to learn new metrics and analytics for driving progress with a balanced approach to profit amplification as a consistent part of the overall business strategy. Learn More>>

Operational Excellence Series
Apply HUMALOGY® Based Lean to Optimize Performance
May 2019
Oklahoma City, OK + Remote Access

In our present and future economic models, streamlining and automating processes is crucial to compete in cost effective and scalable ways. HUMALOGY® is the concept of understanding the integration between humans and technology to get a process done with excellence and is a foundational consideration in our exploration of operational excellence. Finding the most efficient balance, between what humans do and what technology does, uncovers the optimum point for productivity. Learn More>>

Fantastic course! Learned so much. This is, by far, the best step I’ve taken in my new position. Your organization and team have so much to offer and do so in an understandable fashion. I would also add that the FPOV team is “refreshing”. You’re patient with our team and don’t make us feel like idiots. What you provide to TMAIT is relevant and executable.

– James Prescott; Administrator/President, Texas Medical Association Insurance Trust

What I love about a course like this, or the time that I’ve spent with Future Point of View, is it changes your perspective. You can come into this course and not have very many expectations. But it’s almost impossible to leave without an idea or a different way of thinking.

– Adam Graham; VP of Sales and Marketing, Nextep

Spending time with FPOV has taught me that it is absolutely essential that I keep on improving my understanding and my knowledge of technology. It doesn’t mean I have to be an expert in everything. But I do need to know enough about it to make sure I understand how it can drive business and how it can drive results.

– Sarah Fields; President, Jetta Corporation

I think they all [the course presenters] do a great job of complimenting each other and helping us learn…When somebody is teaching us one thing and they kind of bring in their opinions or their thought processes, it helps kind of expand on what we’re learning.

– Teresa Taccogna; Partner Relationship Manager, Sayers