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Digital Marketing / IT Self-Assessment:

What gets measured gets done. The Digital Marketing Self-Assessment will assess your organization’s digital marketing efforts so you can uncover areas that need improvement.

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Most companies have only a vague understanding of where they are with technology performance. FPOV’s Self-Assessment and corresponding Team Alignment Meeting will leave you with a set of agreed upon scores for the state of your technology across a range of critical areas. You will set goals for each area, and together, the agreed upon scores and goals will leave you with a gap analysis of how your strategy is performing at the moment, and how far you are from reaching your ideal state. This is one key insight leaders need in order to make good decisions about focusing resources and budgets to see improvement. We have Self-Assessments focusing on both Digital Marketing and IT Infrastructure.

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing Self-Assessment covers these five categories:

  1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals and Humalogy: Building a baseline of a holistic view of your organization’s digital marketing efforts and its effectiveness of blending technology and people in processes
  2. Content and Connection: Content can deliver valuable information, and connection can deliver an emotion, but only if done properly. How compelling and valuable is your content and how well does it build an emotion with your constituency?
  3. Inbound and Outreach: This section assesses your inbound and outreach marketing capabilities holistically. There are a number of processes you should have in place to stay ahead of your competitors with this increasingly important set of digital marketing tools
  4. Data and Customer Intelligence: An evaluation of how strong your organization is in gathering and using data, turning it into customer intelligence, and then using this to deepen your relationships
  5. Digital Marketing Measurements and Analytics: Assesses how well you are utilizing Digital Marketing measurements tools

IT Infrastructure

The IT Infrastructure Self-Assessment covers these five areas:

  1. Organizational Alignment: The agility of your organization’s discovery, implementation, flexibility and use of technology. How leadership and the organizational culture embraces technological innovation and how quickly the organization employs technology when it becomes available on the market.
  2. Technology Fundamentals: Understanding, flowing, storing, analyzing, and accessing data. Do you have blueprints that show where all of your data is stored and what state it is in? How good of a job does your organization do at measuring key metrics?
  3. Technology Team: The skills and abilities of the team that leads your organization’s technology. How does this team understand the business and satisfy it with useful solutions. How good of a job does this team do in monitoring and updating infrastructure?
  4. Strategic Planning: Does the organization have processes in place that monitor priorities, performance, build vs. buy decisions as well as project and system ownership?
  5. Tactical Execution: Is there a plan in place for employees to increase their technology education? Do you have a formal process to closely review all changes made regarding technology and have a contingency plan to roll back these changes in case they call cause impact to business operations?


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How We Help

Every client is different, and we individualize each engagement specifically to the client’s needs. We have a full array of products and services that can help you. Want to take the next step?

Our self assessments are just one of the ways you can get started in a working relationship with FPOV. The self-assessment process will help to establish a current-state ranking and future goals that highlight where an organization wants to be. Knowing and agreeing on these two positions is an important part of making progress because they will help your team identify specific areas and projects to work on over the next year.

To find out what a plan specifically tailored for you looks like, you can call us – (405) 359.3910 – or fill out the short form and we’ll contact you shortly.