Velocity Manifesto: Many observers say that leadership skills are a fixed collection that has not changed for thousands of years. Scott Klososky strongly disagrees… In his book The Velocity Manifesto, three new categories of talents are demystified for leaders who desire to be relevant from this point forward.

High-Velocity Culture: In which a highly productive workforce is developed

“Leaders today are going to be forced to make a choice either they will improve with technology vision and culture or they will not survive”
The Velocity Manifesto

  • For a leader today to be successful three new skills must be added if they are to stay relevant and effective. Failure to add these skills can be disastrous for the organizations they run.
  • The first skill is a solid understanding of how technology can be leveraged to help an organization win.
    • Not every leader needs to be a technocrat, but each one must understand the underlying architectural concepts of how to assemble valuable digital plumbing.
  • The second is an ability to accurately predict how future dynamics will impact the organization.
    • Absent a clear vision of the future, there is no ability to lead others to achievement.
  • The final skill is an ability to migrate and construct an organizational culture that facilitates four different generations of workers with very different habits and strengths.
    • Without a culture that inspires a team, sophisticated technology and brilliant vision will be wasted.
  • The Velocity Manifesto delivers a new set of concepts and vocabulary that redefines what it means to lead.