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Vaughn Rachal

Vaughn Rachal is a futurist on a mission to enlighten leaders on technology trends that are changing the dynamics of social, business, and economic conditions. At FPOV, he guides clients to exponentially increase their marketing reach, revenue generation potential, and sales capacity. He helps them balance how they apply humanity and technology (HUMALOGY®) to develop business and relationships. Applying decades of leadership experience with practical “know how” on sales, sales enablement, and marketing, he equips FPOV clients to gain a competitive advantage through the proper adoption and use of digital technologies. Driven by the end game, Vaughn passionately speaks, writes, and delivers consulting expertise aimed at simplifying the exchange dynamics between buyers and sellers that lead to mutually positive results.


Professional sales and sales leadership experience? The former CEO of sales and marketing consulting firm SalesFX, Inc., Vaughn brings three-decades of sales and sales management experience including stints at Xerox Corporation, IBM, Lotus, Baan, Nynex Business Systems, and iBeam Broadcasting, to name a powerhouse few.

Consulting? Speaking? Check, check. Vaughn has brought his passion for building revenue generation engines to companies of all sizes aligning sales, marketing, and customer service to accelerate market penetration, revenue production, and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

He’s also been instrumental in two IPOs, launching multiple start-ups, with international business experience to boot. He’s comfortable in front of the mic, too, having spoken at technology conferences such as EFI Connect, SOCAP, Lotusphere Europe, and Digital Detroit, leading audience to explore new possibilities of leveraging technology, human capital, and business process to drive sustainable sales results.


Vaughn’s career began in 1981 with Xerox Corporation selling network computing solutions. His success in computer sales launched him into leadership positions at other industry market leaders including IBM. He moved into software at Lotus Development and Baan where he developed channels in North America and throughout Europe.

As Vice President of Sales at, Vaughn pioneered Software as a Service (SaaS) with video streaming and corporate communications services, building the sales organization through its acquisition by iBeam Broadcasting and later Williams Communications.

His passion for developing sustainable sales strategies led him to management consulting. He became Vice President of Sales at Sales Performance International (SPI) before founding SalesFX, where he guided clients of all sizes to improve revenue production across multiple sales channels.

Vaughn is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and lives in Houston with his wife Susan.

Vaughn Rachal Speaking Topics

Title – Relationship Journey Mapping 2.0 – Designing Exceptional Experiences

Relationship Journey Mapping 2.0 is an intense session that alters the understanding of journey mapping: the role journey maps play, the design components of these maps, and how to apply them to produce measurable business value. The session will provide a framework for building journey maps but also will empower marketers to enroll their business constituents as partners in building exceptional customer experiences to drive results.

Journey mapping is the ever-evolving exercise of designing exceptional experiences. The process focuses on your constituent’s perspective when they engage you to address something of importance to them. This presentation will examine journey mapping and experience from many diverse angles including:

  • The role technology plays in experience
  • Data harvesting opportunities
  • Content to support discovery
  • How to accomplish conversion
  • Ways to achieve the ideal experience

It aligns the understanding of cross-functional teams centered on producing the best possible customer experience along with the desired business objectives.

  • Best Audience – This presentation is designed for business leaders who focus on revenue generation or customer experience as well as all marketing, sales, and customer care leaders and professionals.
  • Position in the Event–Relationship Journey Mapping 2.0 is a gateway conversation that focuses on identifying the gaps in current business practices and examining the potential available. It is best suited as a break-out session for most events with the exception of events focused on customer experience. This talk can be an intense 30-minutes or a comfortable and inspiring 90-minute session.

Title – Melding Man and Machine to Develop a Competitive Edge

Organizations wishing to thrive must re-engineer how they generate revenue and create exceptional customer experiences while lowering their cost to deliver results. The key is HUMALOGY®, the art and science of balancing humanity and technology. This presentation will introduce HUMALOGY® and how it is specifically applied to sales and marketing.

In addition, this presentation will:

  • Review the Digital Revenue Engine and the technologies available to sales and marketing to enable one-to-one digital marketing.
  • Bridge and enable transparent hand-offs to direct customer engagement professionals
  • Provide audiences with tools and inspiration to re-examine go-to-market models
  • Empower audiences with ideas for improving business results and amplifying profitability

This talk is focused on how organizations can best maximize both technology and human effort to delight customers and drive revenue to develop stronger organizations.

  • Best Audience–This presentation is suited for leaders attempting to drive digital transformation to support business growth.
  • Position in the Event–This talk can be constructed as a break-out session or serve as a main session. It examines Digital Transformation and its impact on effectively marketing, selling, and servicing constituents while optimizing human and technology resources in the process. It can be a 30-minute highlight on addressing the effects of digital disruption or up to three hours, diving deep into the re-engineering of revenue generation augmentation and extending sales resources.

Title – Amplify Profitability – Re-Engineering Revenue Generation

Regardless of if you are a for-profit or non-profit organization, in order to be sustainable you have to attract revenue and manage or lower cost. The beauty of the digital business age is that if you properly use the tools available, you can do both while scaling your organization’s size and reach. The challenge for many lies in altering the path to the customer or donor.

People seek information on things they care about and are interested in. They collaborate and network more than ever in finding solutions or supporting causes. Rising above the noise of commoditized messaging in a world where the amount of content available exceeds the ability of it being consumed elevates the value of every digital engagement. So, how does an organization attract high potential opportunities and appropriately leverage resources?

It’s a complex game, and digital marketing plays a central role in helping you thrive in the Age of Digital Transformation. It involves a number of techniques to attract engagement, drive behavior, and influence decisions. Engineering a model that augments and extends your ability to drive revenue requires appropriately combining the use of inbound, outbound, and content marketing with omni-channel delivery. Revenue Engineering is the future of designing predictable revenue streams that combine human effort with digitally-enabled relationship building processes.

  • Best Audience – This presentation examines the holistic skills, tools, and technology for profitably driving revenue and can be tailored to a wide spectrum of audiences. Anyone concerned with creating better connections with customers, from senior executives to marketing or engagement professionals, will find value in this topic.
  • Position in the Event– This is a fantastic opening session or main session, but can also be modified to be a break-out session. The topic can be a 30-minute, high level overview all the way up to a one-day workshop.

Vaughn’s A/V & Room Spec Request Sheet

The following is a list of room & A/V preferences. Please know these are flexible if there are extenuating circumstances.


Vaughn will use his laptop from the stage, so a podium or table is needed, along with a stable internet connection.


Wireless lavaliere microphone

Screen & Computer Projection System

Vaughn will use his own laptop because he often has music and video files that would not be easy to move to another computer. He uses a Macbook Pro. An LCD projector system compatible with a Mac computer is required, as well.


Vaughn uses Keynote to create his media presentation and often works on these presentation up until the last minute, because of the way he often customizes them for the audience. For these reasons, he is not able to send his slides in advance. However, he does have a handout that can be sent in advance. Please let us know if you have any deadlines for materials, so we can do our best to meet them.


We encourage video recording for archival purposes, but a separate agreement is required and a licensing fee may apply, depending on how you plan to use the recording after the event. If you plan to record any portion of Vaughn’s presentation, please call our office to request a Recording Agreement.


Sometimes Vaughn conducts a brief Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) of an audience prior to presenting as a way to tailor his talk to the specific audience in the room. Participants receive a copy of their responses and a score that they can use. Please let us know in advance if you’d like have your audience complete the DMA.

Event Filler Options:

Vaughn offers various time “filler” options as add-ons to pass the time, buffer between anchor presentations, and provide the most value for every minute your attendees spend at your event. These options include short training videos, vendor skype-ins, and expanded case studies. Please inquire here if you would like to discuss Vaughn working one of these options in to his time slot.