Technology Saves a Vacation

How HUMALOGY® Added a Silver Lining to a Gloomy Vacation Having just experienced one of the more disappointing vacations in my adult life, I must ponder how technology rescued my week in certain respects. My initial intention for a recent trip was to disconnect myself and my children from the virtual [...]

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Five Ways Dollar Shave Club Built a Billion Dollar Business

  A billion dollars. It certainly has a nice ring to it. I’m sure it did to Dollar Shave Club co-founder and CEO Michael Dubin when he heard the number. A few weeks ago, health products juggernaut Unilever swooped in a scooped up Dollar Shave Club for a cool $1 [...]

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Please Listen to this Catchy Tune on Loop While You Wait…

The Hazards of Poor Service in Customer Experience We’ve all had that moment when we’ve become so frustrated with the customer service of a company that we throw up our hands in disgust. It usually leads to us vowing to disown the company in question. Customer experience is one of, [...]

Technology and Education – Part One

In February next year, I will be speaking at a conference in Mumbai about how schools can use computers in class to teach innovation, and creativity. The nice thing about knowing this far in advance that I will be doing something like this is that I get a long time [...]

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