Are You Data-Driven? Six Steps To Data Transformation

Are You Data-Driven? Six Steps To Data Transformation Data: people will sell it like it’s a magic elixir, won’t they? It’s as if data is the ideal cure all for what ails’ ya. It’s been called the new oil, as if you can plop it on some [...]

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Password Poker

Recent massive data dumps display the essential need for password hygiene The nearly irrelevant social site MySpace found itself on the collective tongues of the technology world this month. It wasn’t for a positive reason. No, the site is not making a comeback, unless you consider the sudden comeback [...]

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Theft from Afar: A Story of Data Looting

Whether they be ten feet or ten thousand miles away, criminals now have the ability to rob you of your data. So, where are you most at risk? As an organization, data is your most valuable resource. It’s also where you are most vulnerable because it is a resource [...]

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The Artist, the Geek, and the Business Expert

I was watching this TED video on data visualization, check it out. Then I was noticing on Twitter today that every tenth tweet had a link to an infographic and it got me thinking about a visual challenge I deal with when consulting. […]

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