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Areas of Consulting

We get it, people generally dislike “consultants” and deservedly so in many cases. We are likened to lawyers and used car salesmen. At Future Point of View, we strive to earn a label greater than this. We will work for the right to be called advisors, and hope one day, to earn the title of partner.

We are technologists with great technology minds; however our main concern is your prosperity, not just the implementation of technology. Others might offer up surface solutions that they feel will address a problem, when in reality the issue goes much deeper. We consider the potential underlying issues that might be toxic and could spoil improvement. Sometimes problems are not related to technology issues, so FPOV takes a holistic approach to our engagements, digging deeper to find root problems, not just to offer quick fix resolutions or technology as a cure-all to your ills.

All of our engagements are tailored specifically for each organization. To determine your specific needs, we will need to schedule an appointment and determine the areas you feel need to be addressed. Honestly, you can call us anything: consultants, advisors, partners or whatever else you would like; just call us.

Based on our track record of success, organizations regularly seek us out for our expertise in some common areas:

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“Working with Scott and FPOV has provided Great Clips an unbelievable competitive advantage. Scott’s guidance and the resources at FPOV have positioned Great Clips as a clear leader…The impact is more than we could ever have imagined. Our ROI has been incredible!”

RHODA OLSEN | CEO – Great Clips, Inc.

Digital Marketing:top4

At Future Point of View we believe good digital marketing consists of four basic things: User-friendly web properties, the relationship with your customer, the tools needed to facilitate the relationship, and the techniques used to nurture this relationship.

Areas of Focus:

  • Building a custom Digital Revenue Engine Learn More >>
  • Understanding Relationship Journey Mapping and why it is important Learn More >>
  • Familiarizing you with the concept of User Based Design Learn More >>
  • Assessing your current digital marketing efforts Learn More >>
  • Auditing your current web, mobile, and social properties 
  • One-to-one digital marketing strategies
  • Online Reputation Management processes
  • Online engagement strategies

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IT Infrastructure:top4

IT infrastructure describes an organization’s internal hardware and software that handles daily functions. It is critical to develop a shared view across an organization as to what you are trying to accomplish from the tools you have built or purchased as well as the steps necessary to have these tools operating at the highest level. We help organizations analyze their current IT infrastructure state and develop blueprints to improve this infrastructure and drive strategy.

Areas of Focus:

  • Technology blueprinting including hardware, software, and data
  • Assessing the current state of your IT infrastructure
  • Establishing IT governance models
  • Current state of data and how it is organized, stored, and accessed
  • Cloud Migration strategies
  • Current architecture risk in terms of security breaks and system failures
  • Assessing single points of failure

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Technology Leadership:top4

At Future Point of View, through mentorship and education, we work to teach leaders how to use technology to anticipate these shifts and navigate them for growth and opportunity. We believe that to remain successful, leaders need to constantly focus on continuing education, and learn how to use technology to transform organizations and industries.

Areas of Focus:

  • High Beam leadership techniques
  • Leadership mentoring and coaching surrounding technology
  • The Technology Mastery Model and how it can help your organization
  • Creating a five-year plan to anticipate changes in technology and innovation
  • Developing an organized portfolio of future investments in technology
  • Strategically investing in people, products, and processes to prepare for the future
  • Establishing an Organizational Voice

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The digital marketplace offers a customer base of over one billion people and counting. We can help you develop a robust eCommerce platform to take advantage of this thriving marketplace.

Areas of Focus:

  • The facets of eCommerce from payment gateways to customer service to shipping solutions
  • Suggesting the proper eCommerce platforms for you to consider
  • Budgetary considerations and return on investment
  • Assist you in building, or finding expert vendors to build, your eCommerce platform
  • Establishing a forward looking strategy for the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape

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Big Data and Business Intelligence:top4

Tools now offer you the opportunity to collect massive amounts of data on your customers. Often organizations do not take advantage of these tools, which can be an invaluable way to gain a competitive advantage. We help organizations establish a framework for building a powerful database, establish formulas for deciding what data to collect, as well as teach leaders how to turn this data into actionable intelligence.

Areas of Focus:

  • Current state of your data and how it’s organized, stored, and accessed
  • Techniques to pull actionable intelligence out of your data
  • The steps to turn data into wisdom
  • Building an improved base of data
  • Establishing reports and dashboards
  • Understanding the importance of the rules layer
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Data Mashups
  • Data Visualization
  • Augmented Intelligence

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The news is littered with stories of major companies finding themselves on the losing end of cyber-attacks. Our experienced team can provide security audits and penetration tests to find your organization’s network vulnerabilities and suggest fixes.

Areas of Focus:

  • Assessing areas of weakness within your organization
  • Schedule and perform regular audits on your facility and online
  • Schedule and perform regular penetration tests on your facility and online
  • Assemble a qualified security team
  • Constitute that proper governance and security policies are in place

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Technology Planning and Strategy:top4

Working with your organization’s leadership, we will develop a tailored and long-term framework for you to implement technological processes into your organization.

Areas of Focus:

  • Establishing proper technology guideposts
  • Develop a technology strategy that will gain you a two year lead on your competition
  • Map out future improvements in your technology investments
  • Show you emerging areas to explore in technology
  • One-to-one digital marketing strategy
  • Online Reputation Management process
  • Online Engagement strategy

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Technology Engineering:top4

FPOV’s development team will work with your organization to develop a wide range of tools from mobile applications to large software implementation.

Areas of Focus:

  • Mobile app development
  • Website design and development
  • Enterprise Architecture solutions
  • Organizational software implementation
  • IT infrastructure realignment

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Adaptive Culture:top4

Winning with technology cannot be accomplished without an organizational culture that fully embraces and adapts to new technology implementations. We offer strategies to help you build a culture that is adaptive to technological change and is able to flourish in a high velocity world.

Areas of Focus:

  • Teach you the process and importance of Adaptive Culture
  • Help you understand why your culture may not embrace technology
  • Teach you the importance of leadership in culture
  • Advice you on high performance productivity
  • Gain insight into working with vendors and contractors so they will stay on budget and within stated timelines
  • Motivating the technologists within your organization
  • Best practices for integrating an IT department into the business side of the organization
  • Best practices for payroll and incentive programs for IT staff and contractors
  • Assistance in developing and improving your own staffing models

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Technology Governance:top4

Often we enter organizations for one issue only to find that organizational governance is the underlying problem. This lack of governance can often lead to unsuccessful projects, frustration between groups, and overall low team morale. We will assist you in developing strategies and processes to improve inter-departmental communications.

Areas of Focus:

  • Leadership structure including Steering Committee paradigms
  • Budgeting process
  • ROI/business case model
  • Build vs. Buy decision process
  • Software/Hardware portfolio management
  • Priority setting
  • Resource planning
  • Technology R&D process (Innovation process)
  • The Project Management process
  • The Accountability process
  • Technology measurement and analytic process

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Technology Education:top4

Technology Mastery Institute is the education arm of Future Point of View. We aim to educate leaders on strategic ways they can use technology to grow. Our live Executive Education courses are taught by FPOV’s experienced consulting team and feature cutting edge tools and techniques that leaders can bring back to their organizations. We also offer private courses specifically tailored to the needs of an organization.


  • Onsite private programs tailored to your needs
  • Public Executive Education Programs and Courses
  • FPOV exclusive eLearning programs
  • Helping you understand Rivers of Information and how to apply them

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FPOV Foundations and Practices:top4

We have used our work with companies of various sizes and in widely different industries to develop simple ways to communicate complex methodologies and how they can be applied to every organization.

  • Technology Mastery Model
  • Humalogy
  • Organizational Lean
  • High Beam Leadership
  • Relationship Journey Mapping 
  • User-Based Design Methodology