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You Must Become a Digital Leader. Here’s Why

You Must Become a Digital Leader. Here's Why "We don't know what we don't know." As consultants, the above phrase is one we hear a lot. It's a common phrase echoed across industries. Organizations can ask themselves, "who's responsible for figuring out what we don't know? Getting [...]

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Refining Translation: 4 Areas to Mature the Interface Between Tech and Biz

Refining Translation: 4 Areas to Mature the Interface Between Tech and Biz Companies are not unlike computer systems in that they are a collection of components forced to work together to be efficient, competitive, and profitable. When these components are not working together or communicating properly, bad [...]

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Are You Data-Driven? Six Steps To Data Transformation

Are You Data-Driven? Six Steps To Data Transformation Data: people will sell it like it’s a magic elixir, won’t they? It’s as if data is the ideal cure all for what ails’ ya. It’s been called the new oil, as if you can plop it on some [...]

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3 Ways to Develop Standards Around Your Technology Domain

3 Ways to Develop Standards Around Your Technology Domain How Leaders Can Delegate Authority While Ensuring Technology Decisions Adhere to Their Vision Leadership cannot exist without authority. The two go hand in hand. Leaders set the goals and vision and establish an environment that make it possible [...]

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Hacked in 2016: Cybersecurity Review

D’Oh! 2016 Was Another Extraordinary Year for Cybersecurity. What Does It Mean for the Future? 2016 has been a curious year in the world as well as in cybersecurity. Historic breaches, hair-raising ransomware, IoT attacks, and even some election intrigue, this was a year to remember in [...]

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Technology Change is Revolutionary, not Evolutionary

Technology Change is Revolutionary, not Evolutionary Navigating the Risks and Reaping the Rewards of Revolutionary Technology Change A lot of words have been devoted to a concept called the digital transformation, and there is a reason why. All organizations are currently navigating through digital transformation. If you [...]

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The Technologist’s Gift Guide – Holiday 2016

The Technologist's Gift Giving Guide The Technologies Under the Tree at Future Point of View ‘Twas a fortnight before Christmas and all through the Future Point of View offices, a conversation was brewing about the perfect holiday gift, namely the technology our technologists might want to find [...]

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Digital Deception: The Clickbait Problem

Digital Deception: The Severe Problem Permeating Through Social Networking by Corey White I have a friend, who happens to be a friend in real life and on Facebook. She’s smart, accomplished, and has a high-profile job. She’s someone who I would in no way be surprised to find [...]

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Achieving Digital Maturity | Scott Klososky

Achieving Digital Maturity: The Transformative Characteristics of Digitally Mature Organizationsby Scott Klososky If you’ve heard me speak, you’ve heard me say the term “digital transformation.” It’s more than a buzzword; it’s the historic period we are currently experiencing. Digital transformation is creating a revolution in business, industry, and daily [...]

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Five Ways to Protect Your Organization in Vendor Negotiations

Important Steps You Can Take to Avoid Destructive Vendor Relationships We recently had a client who was suffering through a colossal dispute with an important vendor. This wasn’t a minor issue. This was a problem with $300,000 on the table. Because of a blown project, the client and the vendor [...]

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